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Bermuda Public Forecast

Issued at 5:30 am - Thursday, January 28, 2021
The next scheduled update will be issued at 11:30 am
Small Craft Warning (Valid for  This morning )
Thunderstorm Advisory (Valid for  This afternoon )
Gale Warning (Valid for  This afternoon )
Storm Warning (Valid for Late This afternoon to Tonight)
Gale Warning (Valid for Late Tonight through Friday )

Headline -

A calm morning turns violent as the afternoon progresses...

Public Synopsis -

Expect the literal “calm before the storm” this morning… Wind rapidly increases to become gale force this afternoon then climaxing at storm force with gusts to hurricane force from late afternoon through shortly after midnight as a powerful low pressure system passes to our near north. Blustery gales and colder temperatures along with the chance for small hail will follow on Friday then gradually easing by Saturday, yet still chilly.

Today -

  Cloudy, rain/showers; frequent/heavy late pm, chance thunder...  Winds south-southwesterly light to moderate, increasing strong to gale force with gusts storm force in the afternoon, then west-southwesterly gale force to storm force gusts storm force to hurricane force by late afternoon...  High near 21°C/70°F. Clear sky UV Index forecast - 4 or moderate.

Tonight -

  Mostly cloudy, periods of moderate to heavy showers...  Winds west-southwesterly gale force to storm force gusts to hurricane force, veering west-northwesterly and easing gale force gust storm force late overnight...  Low near 13°C/56°F.

Friday -

  Sunny breaks with blustery showers and chance of small hail...  Winds west-northwesterly strong to gale force gusts to storm force, easing strong to gale force with gusts to gale force by evening, then strong gust gale force by late night...  High near 16°C/61°F, low near 11°C/51°F. Clear sky UV Index forecast - 3 or moderate.

Saturday -

  Sunny periods, a few fast moving showers, easing at night...  Winds west-northwesterly strong gusts to gale force, easing moderate to strong during evening...  High near 14°C/58°F, low near 12°C/53°F.

Sunday -

  Mix of sun and cloud...  Winds northwesterly moderate, easing westerly light to moderate by evening, backing southerly late night...  High near 17°C/62°F, low near 14°C/57°F.

Monday -

  Fair skies tend cloudy overnight & few showers developing...  Winds southerly moderate, steadily increasing to become strong overnight...  High near 20°C/68°F, low near 18°C/65°F.
Climate data recorded Wednesday, January 27, 2021, at the L.F.Wade International Airport -
Hours of sunshine: 0.1
Maximum: 21.1°C/70°F
Minimum: 16.6°C/61.9°F
Sea Surface: 18.2°C/64.8°F
Yesterday: 9.7mm/0.38"
January to date: 180.1mm/7.09"
Past 30 Days: 181.1mm/7.13"
Meteorologist: Gary Hall, Observer: Dana Masters