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Bermuda Public Forecast

Issued at 11:30 am - Thursday, April 25, 2019
The next scheduled update will be issued at 4:30 pm

Headline -

Mostly sunny skies with light to moderate winds.

Public Synopsis -

High pressure will continue to bring mostly sunny skies and light to moderate winds today. A cold front to the north will rapidly weaken while drifting southward tonight and may bring 1 or 2 brief light showers tomorrow morning. Saturday morning and afternoon will be mainly dry, though a second cold front will bring a few evening showers before gradually clearing overnight.

Today -

  Mostly sunny...  Winds northwesterly light to moderate, backing westerly light to moderate by late afternoon...  High near 23°C/74°F. Clear sky UV Index forecast - 8 or very high.

Tonight -

  Partly cloudy, a brief light shower possible late...  Winds westerly light to moderate...  Low near 20°C/68°F.

Friday -

  Partly to mostly cloudy, 1 or 2 brief light showers...  Winds westerly light to moderate, backing southwesterly in the afternoon, then increasing southerly moderate overnight...  High near 24°C/76°F, low near 21°C/70°F. Clear sky UV Index forecast - 9 or very high.

Saturday -

  Partly cloudy, a few early evening showers...  Winds southerly moderate, increasing south-southwesterly moderate to strong by midday, then veering westerly moderate in the afternoon, then northwesterly overnight...  High near 24°C/76°F, low near 21°C/69°F.

Sunday -

  Mostly sunny to partly cloudy...  Winds northwesterly moderate, easing light to moderate in the morning, then light and variable in the afternoon...  High near 22°C/72°F, low near 19°C/67°F.

Monday -

  Mostly sunny to partly cloudy...  Winds variable light, tending northwesterly to northeasterly by afternoon, increasing northeasterly moderate overnight...  High near 22°C/72°F, low near 20°C/68°F.
Climate data recorded Wednesday, April 24, 2019, at the L.F.Wade International Airport -
Hours of sunshine: 7
Maximum: 22.3°C/72.1°F
Minimum: 18.3°C/64.9°F
Sea Surface: 23.1°C/73.6°F
Yesterday: 2.5mm/0.1"
April to date: 32.3mm/1.27"
Past 30 Days: 77.7mm/3.06"
Meteorologist: Eric Drewitz, Observer: Dana Masters