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Date & Time: 28 Oct 2021 14:55 ZULU
Winds:  from 270 degrees true, at 20 knots (23 m.p.h)
Visibility:  9999 meters (7 SM)
Sector Vis:  
Weather:  no significant weather observed at this time
Clouds:  FEW layer at 1800 feet
 FEW layer at 6700 feet
Temperature:  24.3C (75.7F)
Dewpoint:  19.0C (66.2F)  (R.H. =  72%)
Pressure:  1007.7 hPa (29.75 inches Hg)
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MET REPORT & SPECIAL REPORT (periodically generated, please pay attention to its date)

SPECIAL TXKF 281321Z WIND RWY 30 TDZ 270/25KT END 260/24KT VIS RWY 30 TDZ 10KM END 3100M -SHRA CLD SCT 1500FT BKN 4400FT BKN 5700FT T23 DP20 QNH 1007HPA QFE 1007HPA
Combined with 10/28/21 13:21 METAR Cloud Group

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